Some useful FAQ's...

What experience and qualifications do Carers need to use the App?

We require self employed Carers who use our App to have at least two years experience working in Care, as well as to have the minimum of mandatory training qualifications

Will I be supported as a Self-Employed Carer?

You will have access to free and independent mediation services. We also offer links to insurance and training services. You will be paid on a weekly or fortnightly basis. You can choose for accountancy or bookkeeping companies to calculate your PAYE tax, so you don't have to worry about it. All you have to do is send them your invoices and expenses.

What are your Covid 19 policies?

Click on our website link and read our guidelines. Carers will be asked about this during their interview.

How easy will the App be to use?

We will shortly be doing an animated video, showing you in simple and quick steps how you upload and access all the information Carers / Nurses and Care Providers need. Everything is being designed for ease of use by Carers / Nurses and Care Providers

As a self-employed Carer or Nurse, will it be hard or time consuming to do the accounting and what can I claim for?

No. You simply upload all of your expense receipts on to the online accountancy link and it’s all processed for you. We will provide a link to everything you can claim for as a self employed carer. Our optional online accountancy link, which is a competitively priced package, will do it all for you anyway. You can offset this package against tax as well. It’s a win/win!

How will I get paid?

Invoicing is all done through the app. Once your completed shift(s) have been authorised by a Care Provider, you simply allow the app to collate all of your work done and you will be paid on fortnightly basis.

Do I need my own Insurance?

Yes. As a self-employed Carer / Nurse using our DirectCareApp, you will need to have your own indemnity insurance.

If you are a Carer / Nurse working outside of the NHS, having the correct professional indemnity insurance is a legal obligation in retaining your registration. Indemnity insurance helps to cover you for any professional negligence claims or allegations of malpractice.

You can get indemnity insurance from a number of sources. They’re easy to find on the internet and you’re able to choose from several options.

There are independent organisations which also provide this insurance, for example UNISON. If you're a member of the RCN they will cover your professional actions.

What about holiday pay, sick pay and pension contributions?

If you are self-employed, you do not qualify for holiday pay, sick pay or employer pension contributions. However, this is more than offset by the higher hourly rate you can earn by using the DirectCareHub App.

Can I cancel an upcoming Shift?

You can cancel upcoming shifts by clicking the 'Cancel' button link next to the shift you want to cancel on the 'My Shifts' page.

DirectCareHub takes cancellations very seriously. By applying to shifts via our Care App, you have entered into a contract with the employer to work the agreed date and time.

Cancelling shifts might well mean you receive unfavourable reviews from Care Providers. This will mean you get selected for fewer shifts. If you often cancel shifts it may lead to a suspension of your account which will mean you are unable to book further shifts.

How do I register as self-employed with HRMC?

This Link will get you started.

Are you a Nursing Agency?

There are big differences between us and a Agency. DirectCareHub have developed a smartphone app to enable care providers, or those that need care, to directly select the self-employed Carers they want.

It’s free to use and download for Carers / Nurses and each Care Provider is charged a far smaller % commission or service charge than would normally be charged by Nursing Agencies. Our operating costs and overheads are much lower, so Carers / Nurses therefore earn a much higher hourly rate and Care Providers still make significant savings. Every Carer is vetted and during the interview stage, carers have a friendly and in-depth interview to make sure they have what it takes to be accepted as a self-employed Carer on the App.