Self-Employed Carer Application Form

To become a self-employed carer at DCH you must complete our 4 step process

STEP 1: You must complete our application form before we can give you access to the DCH App. All gaps in employment history must be explained.

You need to meet our minimum requirements of having the following, before filling out the application form:

  • At least 2 years experience,

  • All mandatory training certificates

  • An updated DBS

  • Be, or willing to be, self- employed. We can help you with the easy processes of doing this.

To complete the application form, sign in with a Google email if you have one before completing the application form. Follow the guide below if you do not have a Gmail account.

STEP 2. After we have received the application form, we will schedule you for a video interview, or you will be required to take an interview questionnaire.

STEP 3. Upon successful interview:

You MUST send the following documentation with you, if not your starting time will be delayed. We will let you know how to send these after you've been interviewed or filled out an interview questionnaire.

  • Proof that you are self-employed

  • 2 proof of address (Utility bill such as water, electricity, gas,.. Mobile phone bills are not accepted. Bank Statement showing your current address, any letter from the council or HMRC (not older than 3 months )

  • 2 proof of ID (Driving Licence ( or provisional) Proof of ID (Passport) from any country UK or EU residence permit/right to work in the UK

  • DBS

  • 2 references

STEP 4. We will register you on the Direct Care Hub application